Our mission is to give
companies endless
to transform their business tasks to the software

We are driven by a spirit of collaboration and reliability in our work. We value what made us who we are: expertise, motivation, loyalty, and commitment to excellence. We cater to each other’s strengths and ideas to develop strong professional relationships with partners and clients and create exceptional products.

Each line of code is written to
ease every interaction with the software values

According to what do we make daily decisions? What is it that we will never give up?


ZenCode's main value is time. We will never waste time, nor will we lose others. The time we beat using our services / products. The time our team spends on business decisions.


We are constantly striving to create not just a work environment, but a work environment where employees develop, learn and receive professional satisfaction. An environment that brings team members together as a family results in their loyalty and retains them for a long time.


We believe that technology brings opportunities for businesses and people to maximize thevir potential and get the most out of their business.
How We Hire

The main channels for finding candidates for the company are social networks, Pointer, LinkedIn, Facebook. These social networks allow us not only to share vacancies, but also to interact with interested job seekers

Phone Interview

We consider the requirements of the company and formulate a recruiting plan. According to our plan, the next stage is to find a candidate and get acquainted with his interests

HR Interview

To find a candidate and get acquainted with his interests our HR representative gets to know the candidate and Details about them.

Technical Assignment

We send the assignment to the candidate and make a review of the completed assignment

Tech Interview

After the bilateral agreement, the tech interview phase begins, whether it is technical interview, technical test or both.


In case of mutual satisfaction, the company is already making an offer. The candidate is already our employee!
And We Offer

A team of hotshots who believe their work matters and impacts the world. We carefully pick our teammates who are willing to put hard work and show outstanding results. For us, trust and transparency are the foundation for building a productive and friendly environment.

Work from anywhere

Flexible working hours, plus the ability to work from home. Comfortable office in the center of Tbilisi.

Higher compensation

You are at the top of your field and that demands equitable pay.

Work with the latest stacks

We're taking on more and more project using the hottest technologies. You name the stack and we're sure we can get you working with it

Support from your peers

In joining Zencode , you join an awe-inspiring community of developers, a community where knowledge-sharing is highly valued

Continuity & longevity

If a project you're working n is coming to an end, we aim to make sure that another one is lined up for you to start on. We want to invest in you for the long-term

Access to your data on the fly

You will be granted access to your very own account, where you'll have control over everything from your finances, to managing upcoming vacations and planning your working schedule
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