What is ZenFramework

ZenFramework is a framework on top of the latest Microsoft .Net Core technologies Which Includes UI components

Code Quality,
Premium Features

It provides a rich set of libraries and tools to accelerate business application development. From the ground up, it has been designed to suit the needs of modern business applications by providing a state-of-the-art foundation for microservices, serverless, and other cloud-native architectural patterns.

Modern architecture to create
maintainable software solutions.

Helps implement a DDD based layered architecture and builds a maintainable code base. 


Provides startup templates, abstractions, base classes, services,
documentation and guides to help you develop your application
based on DDD patterns & principles.

Zen Framework provides a module system that allows you to develop reusable application modules, tie into application lifecycle events, and express dependencies between core parts of your system

Pre-Built Modules & Themes

Open source and commercial modules & themes are ready to use in your business application

NuGet & NPM Packages

Distributed as NuGet & NPM packages. Easy to install and upgrade


All services & modules are designed with extensibility in mind. You can replace services, pages, styles and components

The core framework & pre-built modules are designed with microservice architecture in mind

SaaS applications made easy! Integrated multi-tenancy from database to UI

Pre-Built Application Modules

Most common application requirements are already developed for you as reusable modules.


entity, value objects and other DDD base components

Audit Logging

entity, value objects and other DDD base components


general utility/helper classes

Twilio SMS

general utility/helper classes

Language Management

general utility/helper classes

Twilio EMAIL (Sendgrid)

general utility/helper classes

Account Functionalities

general utility/helper classes


a single transaction that involves multiple operations of insert/update/delete and so on kinds

Event Processor

domain event processing mechanism


Manage tenants, editions and features to create your multi-tenant / SaaS application

Payment (Payfy, bog, tbc)

Provides integration for different payment gateways such as Payfy, BOG or TBC

Domain Event Processor

to capture things that can trigger a change to the state of the application you are developing


User, role, claims and permission management.

Azure Data Account

to automate data integration from various source systems into Azure
Pre-Built UI Components

We have created UI components that are 99% of the time usable and relevant to any type of business application

Configuration Manager

Configuration files for front-end projects, which element the endpoints speak to, specific parameters that we do not want to be hardcoded. Clean technical package for developers to sort and work according to protocol. At the configuration level the skeleton is already ready. We have used it in Pointer and Kami. It is quite an auxiliary utility.

Style Provider

Implementing a style editor involves a complete design transformation of a user-allocated space

Dialog Forms

Dialog windows - for asynchronous and ordinary dialog modal type work.

Social share

Sharing on social networks - refers to the already existing sharing code on various social platforms (such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), which can be implemented directly on your platform using Zen Framework.


Utilities - such as accounting rounding, text editor, alphabetical limiter and many other details that make it much easier to use and use for various applications, which will help you save time and make sure everything's quality is assured.
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