KamiFlow ensures full cycle automation of working with internal and external documents of the company

Kami Flow is an innovative and progressive product that ensures maximum ease and availability of processes. Through this system it is possible to easily define, respond to and control tasks. The main advantages of the system are that it is quite flexible and unique. It can be used in holding organizations, as well as in organizations that have an independent organizational structure. The flexibility of the system is also manifested in the processes created by it. With this system it is possible to create any type of process.

Kami Flow is designed to automate business processes
related to documentation of various size companies

Registration of documents in the system is carried out in accordance with the standards set by the company’s requirements and the rule of conducting the cases. KamiFlow allows you to work with any type of file. The automatic generation function from file templates is designed to facilitate standardization of document flow and simplifies the process of creating typical documents to personnel.

Product makes it easier to manage incoming and outgoing documents. All documents are gathered in one space.

Customers are given the opportunity to easily carry out operations tailored to their business.

Our team has tried its best to simplify the above processes and refine and create an application that will allow organizations to bring maximum comfort in their work style and processes tailored to them.

Assignment of procedures to the appointed functions and workload monitoring

Review your started, ongoing, and done processes
and see how your team members work

Manage your submitted documents easily
and keep track of their progress with
specially designed functionality

The problem created during the flow of
the document is no longer a problem but a challenge.
Request documents and start working on it again at ease

Track incoming and outgoing documents with product-related
emails and make the workflow more convenient

Create a template tailored to you and write
down all the necessary details that will make starting
the task more flexible and easy

 Ability to manage organizational processes


 Significant savings in time and budget


 Manage tasks effectively


 Simplified monitoring of processes


 Repository of electronic documents and files


 Simplified system for searching documents and files
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