Compulsory Insurance Center

TPL Insurance Portal allows individuals to purchase insurance for different vehicle categories, all the abovementioned is available in a very short time

Industry: Insurance / Transportation

Client & product

The Compulsory Insurance Center unites 16 insurance companies, it obliges a foreign citizen to insure vehicles when crossing the border. There are several types of policies on offer with time limits. The policy can be purchased at the cash registers at the border, through the web application and through paybox machines.


In the case of several fraud cases where one customer was buying more than the required policy on vehicles of different types or properties, the company instructed us to make a customer identification feature, thus restricting the customer from fraudulent acts. Our team wrote the appropriate constraint in the Acumatica , in the configuration page that acted according to the client’s requirements. The user is identified through webhooks and is restricted according to the data written in the configuration that also works with paybox machines.

Role of PMO

With the active participation of the project manager, the client avoided an increase in tech debt. Refactoring proposed by the team was planned and included in the scope and timeline.

Strategic sessions and technical brainstorms are a part of the management routine in Relevant Software. Therefore, you can be sure that we use all the fresh and brilliant ideas of our developers.

The project manager actively participated in the resources planning and recruitment process to assure the client that new team-members perfectly fit the core team both with their hard and soft skills.

To deliver smooth and effective communication and keep everyone up-to-date with current progress statuses, our project manager integrated JIRA software .

Job done

At the request of the client we have added a user identification detail which is managed from the configuration page in the Acumatica. Due to the configuration settings, the user is restricted from purchasing an extra policy over the existing one, thus the client avoids fraud cases.


Implemented Features
User Identification

To eliminate fraud cases the user is identified
through webhooks and is restricted according to
the data written in the configuration

Paybox identification

We made sure to eliminate fraud cases
from Payboxes as well as client requested


Details can be changed / added in the configuration
to make the product more user-friendly

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