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Dedicated Zen Development Team model
is best suited for

Companies that do not have
in house development team

Not having company's own development team is no longer a headache. Zencode's team is always ready to work with you.

Startups that need to scale fast

Spend no time on local hires by leveraging
an offshore managed team of any size.

Those who need managed
offshore IT specialists

Be in charge of the development process,
while avoiding administration.

Businesses with tight deadlines

Fit in tight schedule by swiftly boosting
your capacity with tech experts.
Pros of the
Team Model
Avoid managerial cost

On a day-to-day basis, CTO or Chief software architect helps the team offer the best solutions when needed. In addition, we train staff by accessing various training materials or conferences. Because of all this you save your resources.

No long-term commitment

No extra cost in case no project.

A committed team that adopts your culture

To succeed, it is important for the employee to fully share the company’s mission and goal, and the Zen team is ready to take on this responsibility fully and achieve the goal with all the resources at its disposal.

No-fuss hiring

Finding a suitable shot is a difficult process.

Staff rotation is no longer a headache
Dedicated Software Development Team set-up process


Gathering requirements
Requirements are collected from the company's technological policy or technical / functional requirements of the project.


Assembling the team
Based on the information obtained, a team is formed - based on tencologies, domain or other characteristics. If a suitable candidate is taken, we will find a new one within 1 month. In case of tight deadlines and upon request, we have the right and opportunity to find the required staff within 1 week from the HR reserves of our partner companies.


Getting to know / selecting the team
Our HR / IT recruiter will schedule an introductory meeting with you. Where the company / project strategy, values or visions will be shared. It is important to be familiar with the tools / methodologies used to manage the project.


The result
Hiring a dedicated software development team in Georgia, you get the needed specialists under your complete control, just as with your in-house team. The only difference is the team works remotely and we handle all the administration.
Success Cases

Many of the Georgia’s top companies have chosen Zencode to help them make and deliver innovative products